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What is black Friday and why should you care?

I bet that is the question that would be on your mind. Given that the last few weeks, everywhere you turn there is an advert or two about this major event happening in Kenya. Saidia Kenya is here to help you clear the air and put some perspective into the whole event.

Black Friday: This is an american tradition that happens the day after thanks giving. Thanks giving occurs on the the fourth Thursday of November every year. That naturally means that Black Friday follows on the fourth Friday of November. This year 2018 Black Friday will be on Friday 23 November.

So what makes Black Friday special in the online shopping calendar?

During Black Friday, retailers offer huge discounts to kick-start the Christmas season. The occasion has become so popular such that Kenyan retailers have decided to join in the act.

We have Jumia Kenya running black Friday deals in 2018. And the discounts are huge, up to 80% on some selected items.

Kilimall is also in the mix with Black Friday offers. For them they are offering 100 Million deals with discounts of up to 90%.

What can you get deals on during Black Friday in Kenya?

Where to start? The deals are so many that we here at saidia had our heads and eyes hurting checking them out. But be assured that they have something for almost everyone. The list of black Friday offers kenya range from clothes, shoes, beauty and hair products, Flat screen TV’s, laptops and Mobile phones.

At saidia, we understand how hard it can be scrolling through each and every black friday deal happening in Kenya. So we took the liberty to break down what we think are the craziest and most amazing discounts this side of the Sahara that you can find.

Black Friday Deals worth checking out in Kenya 2018:

Black Friday Phone Deals:

With so many phones on offer during this Black Friday in Kenya, both on Jumia and Kilimall, below find a list of phone deals we saw you shouldnt pass up on.

Black Friday Flat Screen TV’s Deals:

Planning to upgrade your Television set or buy a new one altogether? Check out the best TV deals on Black Friday in Kenya.

Black Friday Laptop Deals:

The best time to invest in a laptop or buy one as a gift is now. Check out the best laptop deals available during this black Friday.

Black Friday Kitchen and home appliance Deals:

From cookers, to electric kettles, toasters and microwaves. We have filtered through all the Black Friday deals in Kenya to bring you this list.

Yes, so that’s a wrap up of what to expect over this Black Friday period. We the team here at Saidia hope this article was helpful. Now, do share this article with friends and family and get them into the Black Friday mood 🙂

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