10 must do things if you want to be successful after KCSE

10 must do things if you want to be successful after KCSE

10 must do things to guarantee success after finishing KCSE



KCSE is finally over, yes! Now I can start the rest of my life without limitations. Right? That is probably what is going through your mind right now after four years of blood, sweat and tears. Talk about the home work, classes like double math just before break, exams and mock tests on Friday, morning and evening preps, uji for breakfast and githeri for lunch. Well, there is some truth to that. That must be what is going through your mind right now after four years of blood, sweat and tears. Although it wasn’t all doom and gloom though. An occasional letter from your crush or knowing that you were selected for a funkie on the weekend made it more bearable.

Wow, clap for yourself now. That is all behind you. For real. For real! Yes, because you have achieved a major milestone. Getting your KCSE results and certificate is one of the greatest achievements one can get, the first 20 years of your life, at least in Kenya. However, there is another approximately 70 years to go give or take 10 years depending on how much love you give and of course how much you take care of your body.

So, where to start? I assume most of us reading this have already applied for a university or collage to pursue higher learning. That’s a good first step. However this article is different, we aim to give you tips that will stay with you way past tertiary level education. So, stay with us, it will only take 10 minutes of you busy schedule 😉 Then you can get back to instagram and whatsapp. Speaking of instagram and whatsapp, imagine we are there to. Surprise someone by sending them this article instead of a meme.

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Below find 10 must do things after KCSE to guarantee success in life.

10 Things we recommend you do after KCSE to increase chances of guarantee success in life:

Register officially as a Kenyan citizen by immediately getting an ID:

Maybe a lot of you have, but if you haven’t….what are you waiting for?

Like duh! Seriously! Yes, this sounds obvious, but it’s very important. Officially registering as a Kenya citizen by getting your ID opens up your world to opportunities. Almost everything you will need to do to be successful after KCSE requires you to have an ID. Most people say it’s time consuming, but trust me it’s worth it.

And now it easy,  given that you can register for your ID at any Huduma center in the country and receive it within 2 weeks, that isn’t a bad way to spend your first days of ‘freedom’.

I have even done you a solid one. We at saidia have prepared a list of requirement you need in order to register for an ID.

Open an email address:

Ati hwaaat! Are we back in the 20th century? Well, give me a minute to explain. And no, we are very well into the 21st century. So you are asking why on earth do I need an email address in 2019?

Remember, this article is written to help guarantee success in life after KCSE. The reason you need an email address to identify yourself on the internet. Yes, your email address is like your ID on the internet.

Having an email address will then allow you to register on certain government services for example Kenya revenue authority (KRA). You will need an email address to apply for a job amongst many other things.

Here we have a piece on ten reasons why you need an email address. Also, given that emails are important, we have prepared a how to register a timeless professional email address.




Register as an e-citizen for government online services:

Gone are the days of visiting different government offices to register for crucial government services. So what is eCitizen? Let’s call it the landing page of the Kenyan government. What does that mean exactly? This means that you can access most of the government services online after you register with your ID.


See why getting your ID is important! The eCitizen tag line is ‘Get Government Services chapchap!’ And indeed, the website does live up to this. It is one-stop website aimed to enhance interaction between the government as well as the bodies in its area of administration and the public, to ensure better public awareness and to provide Kenyan residents with an easier more user-friendly access to relevant government services.

The eCitizen portal offers services like business name registration, provisional driving license, driving license, birth certificate among many other services.

To summarise, you will use your eCitizen account for a very long time. So it is very important to get one.

Open a bank account:

How will you be paid when you get your first job or when you start earning money online? Any idea? Yes, through a bank account. Another very important thing to do so as to be aligned with success after KCSE is to open a bank account.

Many young students after finishing KCSE push this task until you are approached by a bank agent in university. Others wait until you get your first job and require a bank account to have your salary transferred. You need to be ahead of the game. Luck favors the prepared.

All you need is your ID to open a bank account. And now you can open a bank account without even presenting yourself at a bank.

once you have opened a bank account, manually or through an app, how will you know the best bank apps to register with? Stay tuned. Also, you should know what to consider before opening a bank account in Kenya.

Invest in Tools for School and work especially a Mobile phone and Laptop.

The number one asset in this world is you. So make sure you invest well in yourself. This means getting the right tools to help reduce chances of failure.

What do we mean by tools? Well, we understand by now that you have already committed to going to college or university. You will need a laptop  or a tablet to be doing assignments and university projects in this digital age. Also, if you will be located far from home, you will need a phone to communicate with family and friends.

Not only that. Let’s say you want to start earning money online through various methods such as blogging, vlogging or working as a freelancer. These are the tools that will help you start you on a successful path to being self-employed. I can guarantee you this, not having a laptop and a good mobile phone will limit the potential you have. So invest in one immediately.

Invest in yourself by doing courses online or courses that are aligned with your passion to improve.

Investing in yourself also means investing in skills that will help you grow personally and in your career. Taking online courses will help you achieve this and at the same time making you very marketable in this ever changing market.

But I haven’t gone to university yet? That shouldn’t stop you from improving yourself. You can do this by buying books from a bookstore, buying e-books online, and watching content by entrepreneurs that will inspire you.

As you can see, there are many ways to skin a cat. Just make sure you have the right tools.

Go to driving school and take a driving course:

“Nitaenda driving school nikipata gari!” [I’ll go to driving school once I get a car.] Surely! Why not learn how to cook when you buy a cooker! We are talking about increasing your chances of success here.

One of the most important skills you can ever acquire after doing your KCSE is mastering how to drive and earning a driving license. Who doesn’t wish to own a vehicle in their life-time? Once the money starts rolling in, getting a car is definitely agenda one, after paying tithe of course.

In addition to that, some job descriptions actually do require you to be a certified and qualified driver in Kenya. For example handling sales that need you to go for client visits or being a modern day taxi driver for a cab hailing app like uber, taxify and other taxi hailing apps . Not to mention the additional benefit of being the designated driver when you decided to go for road trips in campus.

Have you done your driving classes yet? If not, here is a list of driving schools that can help you get started.


Start saving now, because nobody thinks being employed at 60 is fun?

Your days of getting free money are numbered! Yes, am talking about pocket money from your parents and the money for buying ‘fictional books’ for a particular course. Hmm, some of us will have a special place reserved, just next to the oven.

But before then, it’s time to take financial control and implement a form of discipline when it comes to money. Yes, if you want guaranteed success after KCSE, savings must be on the agenda. To help you out, saidia has prepared a list of savings account options that are available in Kenya. Also check out how cultivating a culture of saving money can help prepare you for a successful future.

There are also great videos on how to start saving without feeling the pinch that you can find here.

Get into the habit of working out:

You may not feel it now, but siku moja uze utakupata. (Old age will catch up with you) And we are not talking about when you are sixty five, more like after you are past 25 years of age. That’s when you start realizing you can’t quite do the things you use to as easily. Then you start getting a kapoti (potbelly ), climbing up the stairs makes you a bit more fatigued than before and of course, the most obvious one, hard time waking up in the morning.

All this symptoms have on cure. Working out! Please note I didn’t say going to the gym, just working out. This for you is one of the best things you can do for your body. And the earlier you start the easier it will be in the long run because it becomes a habit, a good habit.

Keeping your mind sharp through working out will help you focus and pay attention. We are talking simple and easy to do exercise like this.

Register on linkedIn and create a detailed profile:

Last but not least, you need to join a professional social network. Remember, no man is an island and we all need help sometimes. We highly recommend you join linkedIn.

It will make your life easier especially if you chose to create a career. Check out how well this video explains how to create a career path.

Bonus tip:

Prepare your CV:

You thought we had finished, not yet. There is this very important document that will capture your career as you grow. A curriculum vitae, better known as C.V.

I have a feeling you might be asking, what good is a C.V. and I haven’t even gotten my first job yet. First of all, you need to relax, and second of all no one is born walking! You will need to start somewhere. So take heart and take a step of faith.

I found this video here very helpful especially if you are writing a C.V. with the aim of being successful after KCSE. Also check out these lovely templates we have created specifically for first time C.V. writers.

Okay, now you are on your way to success. Did you find this article helpful, share it with a friend here on Facebook, twitter and whatsapp.

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