What Your Kenyan Man Really Wants for Valentine’s

These men may look like they are alright with being expected to go all out for Valentine’s gifts only to be tossed consolatory gifts. But deep inside they have a list of what they really want for Valentines and no it is not what you expect. Here are four things I am sure your man wants this Valentine’s Day.

A Valentines Be Gone Spray

He has not said anything because he does not trust your reaction to this information. But your man does not want Valentine’s Day to exist. If he was granted a Valentine’s related wish, trust that he would wish away this day so he doesn’t have to bother. Your man wants the entire day and it’s shenanigans to disappear. He wants an extra-strength ‘Valentines be gone spray’.

A Valentines Victory

Your man wants you to know that St Valentine’s death anniversary is also smack in the middle of football season. He also wants you to know that, this cancels any other significance you may attach to the day.

He doesn’t give a single hoot about flowers or special ways to say I love you on that day. Man’s only cares about the game! All he really wants is for his team to win. Or his rival teams to keep losing. Both gifts neither you nor love can deliver. But that’s what he really wants!

A Sweet Bet

Your “sports investor” man wants that kaching! message on his SportPesa account as much as you want those chocolates and red long stemmed roses. Wondering how to make that happen? Yeah, search me, I have no clue either. I only promised to tell you what your man really wants for Valentine’s not how to go about it.

His Kenyan Woman to do Better!

Your man wants you to know that if we must carry on with Valentine’s Day, you should do better. If he will go out his way to be thoughtful with you gifts then you will go out of your way for his valentine’s gift too. He want’s gifts, actual gifts, not hugs and that perfunctory “aki thank you Hun,”.

He wants gifts that are not socks. This Valentine’s he wasn’t you to act like you know his hobbies, interests or have had at least one conversation with him while picking that gift. Gifts like the ones you will find here. A well-researched list of gifts that will make your man say, wow, I didn’t see that coming.

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