Valentines day Kenya: 9 Kenyan Men Reveal What Women Should Gift them for Valentines.

9 Kenyan Men Reveal What Women Should Gift them for Valentines Day. Na Sio Sex or Socks!

Wondering what to get you dude or dudes (no judgment) for Valentine’s? Confused about what these Kenyan men would really consider a great Valentine’s Day gift?

We, took initiative and asked several Kenyan men what they would consider a good Valentine’s Day gift. Surprise! Surprise! None wanted socks!

They made it clear they always want sex, it just does not count as the main Valentine’s Day gift. Unless you…. Never mind! Consider the rest of this article as a guide to the best Valentine’s gifts for him, Kenyan man edition.

1. Shaving Kit

Dennis, “I was required to show up at work with a clean shave for years. Now I do it out of habit. A fancy shaving set would be quite useful. I sometimes forget to get a new set yet, yet it’s daily use.” You can check out mandevu and the broad selection of grooming kits they have in stock.


2. Fancy Timepiece

Henry, “She can get me a watch. A Philippe Patek or that Bvlgari one. That would be perfect. I probably also need a girl who can afford these things too.”

3. Favourite Drink

Ian, “I wouldn’t be unhappy about a nice drink, some good whiskey or cognac. Kamzinga hivi, that’s always a gift.”


4. Luggage Set/Bag

Michael, “She always has a problem with my bags so a luggage set would make sense as a Valentines gift. Something brown and leather with Louis Vuitton printed all over it. Or realistically, something made in Kenya but good quality.”

5. Beard Grooming Kit

Leon, “I am a new member of beard gang or at least I am hoping to be. One of those beard kits would not hurt. But she will probably think I will attract other women with the beard. I just want to look full MCM man.”


6. Pay a Bill

Joe, “Hey, we just got out of January, I am an adult with adult bills. Paid rent the gift I would like. But I will take a premium DSTV subscription.”

7. Earphones

Chris, “I would be happy with EKG or Sony earphones, something original. Not expensive because I don’t think I would never hear the end of it if they were. She knows the ones I want.”

8. Hobby Support

Mo, “Madam is not good at these things. I am also not overly sentimental about the day. If she must, a set of golf balls or something like that would do.”

9. Kicks/Shoes

Eddie “Good shoes are the only items I would consider as gifts to me. The rest is junk!”

What are your thoughts on these men’s valentines needs?


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