4 Absolutely Crazy Valentines Gifts

Last updated on February 13th, 2020 at 12:48 pm

4 Absolutely Crazy Valentines Gifts.


I am pretty convinced Valentine’s Day is the one holiday where pretty much anything goes when it comes to presents. Especially if you can get it in red and stick a rose on it, maybe throw in some chocolate.

Makes it really hard to pick a winner because crazy itself is subject to so many interpretations. Crazy because it was bad, crazy because it was cruel, cheap, just plain wrong or over the top. Still, here are some we thought were pretty out there.

Meat Bouquets

Apparently a thing in outside countries where meat is processed and in neat packaging and can be done up in a bouquet or basket. I don’t see too much awing and ooing over that once it arrives at your Kenyan bae’s work desk. But what do I know?

Probably what you give to that slay queen subtribe of “siwezi kula maua!” boys. They definitely can eat meat!

The local version is Baba Njeri taking mama Njeri kashoma on farrentines in case you are wondering.


That Kempinski Valentine’s Offer

Remember this? I will confess, anything that costs a large amount of money is crazy to me. So definitely this crazy valentines packages that Villa Rosa Kempinski always puts up. Always over the top, always several million shillings and always snapped up by some Kenyan’s somewhere. Crazy! (Cries in kiwaru)


Hygiene Items

Toothbrushes, roll-ons, deodorants, won both the crazy and worst valentines present categories on almost any online poll. You’d thinks, duh, for obvious reasons, but nooo, there are people out here who don’t know that buying a toothbrush or deodorant as a gift may be read as a not so subtle hint of wanting hygiene by the recipient. Then again, maybe that could be the goal. Still, choosing to communicate this on Valentine’s Day? Crazy!

Although we have a few gift ideas here that aren’t crazy and can be enjoyed with no hidden meanings. 


Live Animals

Someone online said she once received a live gecko. Outside of living cows given to your father on Valentine’s Day, or those cute exotic dog breeds, live animals have to be the weirdest Valentine’s gift.

What is your take on our absolutely crazy valentines gift? Do comment and give us your opinion. Also, don’t forget to share us on social, facebook and twitter. 

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