12 fun Kenyan Valentine day gifts couples can enjoy together


16 fun Kenyan Valentine’s Day gifts guaranteed to make it memorable

Valentine’s Day has its classic gifts like flowers, chocolates, and human-sized teddy bears. But as you can see with the lineup of these valentine’s gifts, most of them are cliche.

Are they any authentically fresh gifts that can be shared by couples? We here at saidia managed to get some lovely gift ideas for couples to enjoy this Valentine’s Day 2019. Check them out below and I hope they are helpful.

Don’t forget to share with your companion to get a feel of what their thoughts may be.


1. Book a new experience in your city through Airbnb.



Check out all the experiences available in Nairobi here.


2. A unique drink that both of you will enjoy delivered to your doorstep so you can try something different.

Valentines Day Kenya git for us
Jumia Kenya


Smirnoff Raspberry Vodka, available on Jumia, KSh 1,900.00


3. An authentic Kenyan cookbook for a homemade meal either on Valentine’s Day or many more in the future.

Jumia Kenya


The Swahili Food Made Easy Cook book by Vanessa Mehri, available on Jumia, KSh 2,570.00 



4. A perfectly executed classic movie date at IMAX or a cinema near you, complete with, maybe even letting them choose the movie.


Check out movie listings for valentines on Kenya Buzz


5. Super sexy colourful boxer shorts that can be unisex.


Boxer Shorts – 6 Pieces-Pure Cotton, available on Jumia, KSh 1,999.00 


6. A destination trip or “staycation” in a nice hotel you normally don’t have an excuse to stay in.


Book your hotel room online on travel.jumia.com


7. A bottle of fine wine to enjoy with your lovely partner as you cuddle up, load a movie to watch.


Red wine from Spain lovely Merlot, available at jumia, 1,000.00 KSH


8. Get a toaster to make those breakfast mornings even more special.


Ramtons slice pop up toaster made out of stainless steel, available on jumia, 4,095.00 KSH

9. A fondue maker for a cozy night spent at home together.

Check out this video for easy cheese fondue recipe to get you into that cheesy mode.




10pc resource fondue gift set, available at jumia, 2,700.00 KSH


10. A board game, to get you in a competitive mood with your love.

Check out this funny scrabble video.



Scrabble Board game for playing crossword, available at jumia, 4,500.00 KES



11. A personalized soft cover photo book that includes all your favorite moments together.

Heart Retro Photo Album DIY scrapbook, available at jumia, 1,660.00 KES


Contact Landmark multimedia to get a personalized quote for 10 photos printed in high quality on 0774777206.


12. Spend time indoors and order take out Eat in and cuddle:


Order food online, from jumia food.


What do you think of this list? We would love to hear your thoughts below.

Don’t forget to share this article to let others know of saidia Kenya exciting Valentine selection. Happy Valentine ‘s Day to you and your partner.

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  1. This is definitely a switch up from the normal and cliche Valentine’s. I love the idea of booking an AirBnB just for the special day..that’s definitely up my alley!

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