Why is Everyone Buying the Infinix Hot 6 at 10,000 KES only online in Kenya

Infinix Hot 6 jumia kenya X606D BG couple 16GB ROM 1GB RAM 13MP 8MP Dual Camera android 81 oreo android 81 oreo jumia kenya

Why is this 10,000 KES Phone selling like hot cake | Best Budget Smartphone in Kenya 2019:

The Infinix Hot 6, 6 inch screen smartphone might possibly be one of the best budget smartphones available for you to buy in Kenya. Not only does it have 10000 sales on Jumia, but it also packs features that other phone manufacturers like Tecno, Fero and Oppo are trying to fill.

The budget smartphone that has been bought over 10000 times on Jumia!

So why has the Infinix hot 6 impressed so many people such that it has 10,000 sales on Jumia Kenya? Let’s check out why!

Infinix hot 6, what makes it stand out:

Infinix is a company founded in 2013 and is a Hong King based smartphone maker. The infinix brand spirit is “challenging the norms” by creating infinix smart devices designed specifically for young people who want to stand out, reach out and sync with the world.

Now comes the infinix hot 6, a phone that is designed with the core principles of Infinx in mind.

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Here are the reasons infinix hot 6 stands out:

1. Superb bright HD+ Display of the Infinix hot 6:

Inifinix X606D White Front 16GB ROM 1GB RAM 13MP 8MP dual Camera





Let’s start with the display 6 Inch full HD+ display, 18 by 7 by 9. Despite the internals being important, what you will interact with most of the time is the phone screen. So it needs to be good to look at and also equally of high quality.

The screen is an infinity screen that covers the phone almost from edge to edge with the exception of the top chin and the bottom chin. It boasts an impressive 76.1% body ratio which is quite impressive for its price point. The combination of HD+ and 500 nit brightness makes the phone amazing to use especially for consuming social media, youtube videos and watching movies.

And did we mention it is a 6 inch screen. Very rare to find a phone this affordable with such a big screen, one of the many factors contributing to people loving it.

2. Operating System Android:

Infinix Hot 6 X606D BG couple 16GB ROM 1GB RAM 13MP 8MP Dual Camera android 81 oreo




It is running one of the latest versions of android, android 8.1. Go edition which is very light on the phone. This ensures that the phone is fast and snappy meaning you can accomplish many of your tasks with no hiccups.

3. Amazing Battery Life on Infinix hot 6:

Infinix Hot 6 X606D BG couple 16GB ROM 1GB RAM 13MP 8MP single Camera 4000 mah quick charge
The 4000 MAh Battery on the Infinix Hot 6 allows it last for up to two days depending on usage




Now here is where the Infinix hot 6 shines. It has a big battery that can go up to two days without charging. The 4,000 mAh powerful battery is massive and carries a large amount of power. This is very impressive. It’s the same battery capacity as the Samsung s9.

Eunice Mwende says: “Speed & the camera is dope. Not forgeting the Battery, lasting for 3days!!! No more carrying Charger and Power Bank around”
(Verified Purchase)

To add onto that, the phone comes with 2A quick charge which now increases the speed with which you charge your battery. The ability to enjoy your phone without having to charge it all the time, and also being able to quickly charge it up when you need to really makes the infinx hot 6 stand out at this price.

You can get yourself one on Jumia Kenya and get to enjoy these features to.


4. RAM and Storage:


Before we tackle the RAM issue, we need to point out that there are two types of Infinix hot 6. One has 2 GB of RAM and the other has 1 GB of RAM. The one we are covering here is the Infinix hot 6 with 1 GB RAM.

This phone has enough RAM to run popular apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and light games. Combined with its processor, the Infinix Hot 6 is bang for the buck. Check it out on Jumia Kenya.

5. Awesome Security Features, Face unlock and Fingerprint scanner:


Infinix Hot 6 X606D BG couple 16GB ROM 1GB RAM 13MP 8MP Dual Camera face unlock fingerprint scanner
Unlock your phone with your face or use your fingerprint




With the Infinix hot 6 you will experience the most convenience when unlocking the phone. You can use either your face or finger print as your password. The face unlock feature and the finger print sensor eliminates complicated passwords and enables privacy control in various applications.

Imagine you get all these features at 10,000 Kenya Shillings only. No wonder the phone is selling like hot cake!


6. Cameras on Infinix hot 6:


Infinix Hot 6 X606D BG couple 16GB ROM 1GB RAM 13MP 8MP selfie camera
The Infinix hot 6 available in Kenya has a front facing selfie camera with 2 soft light flash for that studio effect and a 13MP camera with f2.0 for amazing picture quality.




This phone has one selfie camera at the front and one camera at the back that are among the highest quality camera for phones in this price range. Both front facing selfie camera and the main back camera have amazing features.

The front-facing camera has been paired with 2 soft light flash to Provide Studio Lighting Effects. You will have no compromises on selfies with the front facing camera at this price point. It is not at Samsung galaxy s9 level, but does better than most phones in this level.

When it comes to the back camera, it is a 13MP camera with f/2.0 camera. With this bright f2.0 aperture, it is really effective under low light. Whether you are hanging out with family or having a moment with friends, you can capture your life with your Infinix Hot 6.

What’s inside the box when you buy the Infinix hot 6?

What you will find inside the box you will find the actual smartphone, obviously. The quick start guide (Who reads those) and you’ll find a case, a simple silicon clear case that you can easily slap on your phone. There is also a sim ejector tool and plug and a charging cable which is USB.

A breakdown of the Phone | Infinix hot 6:

Overall design is impressive amazing and a show stopper. It has a smooth designed unibody and cutting edge technology. It is a slim phone coming in at 7.99mm in thickness and with this slim body design it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. With its amazing design it is also sophisticated and a fashion statement at such a price point.

At the back we have a dual camera setup. And this camera consists of 13MP f2.0 sensor. We have the USB port at the bottom and a headphone jack. Volume up and down rocker on the right hand side and the power button is located just below.

There is also a finger print sensor on the back of the phone. The screen doesn’t have any notch and it comes with an infinity screen with 500 nit brightness. The android is fine-tuned so that you get the most out of the processor. The experience will be buttery smooth especially with the 1 GB of RAM.

Now we get to the speakers. With two speakers with Dirac audio Technology, the sound quality is pretty good at this price range. It’s not easy to block the speaker while listening to music.

Photo quality of the phone when tested ended up being slightly grainy but stood out in this price range. It is not horrible but at the same time it’s not so great. The finger print sensor is quick to unlock the phone and very reliable. The facial recognition feature is also another way you can unlock the phone with. This feature though not as accurate as the Samsung and the iPhone does work very well.


For the price, the performance you will be getting is good. It’s not top of the range compared to flagships, but it’s going to give you pretty decent performance. Whether you are using the internet browser or on social media, or playing a game.

So what is your take on the Infinix hot 6?

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