Best loan apps for android phones in Kenya

Looking to borrow an instant cash loan quickly on your android mobile phone using an app? Then these are the most popular loan apps you can use to apply and qualify for a loan in Kenya. Apply and get quick money from 500 Ksh up to 70,000 Ksh on the apps below.

Best loan apps for android phones in Kenya guide

This money can be useful in case of emergency, to start a business or even for other personal use.   

To make sure we have only the best android phone loan apps, we have made sure that each app must have more than 500,000 downloads, a good user rating on the playstore (minimum of 3.8/5.0) and a good user experience.

We start off with the top three mobile loan lending apps in Kenya.


Top 3 android loan apps in Kenya

These are the top 3 best android loan apps in Kenya.

1. Branch app

branch loan app

This is one of the most popular android loan apps in Kenya. Downloaded over 10 million times on the google play store, it’s a fast way to qualify for a quick loan on android.

How much can you qualify for on branch? This android loan app offers you a loan of up to 70,000 KSH as the maximum amount. The smallest amount you can qualify for is 250 KSH.

A loan usually comes with interest. So how much interest is charged on a Branch loan that you have borrowed? The interest rate ranges between 13 – 29% and it depends on the amount of money that you borrowed.

Finally, the repayment period is reasonable. Branch gives you between 30 – 90 days to repay the loan that you have borrowed.

To learn more about the branch international android app, check out this detailed review

2. Tala loan app

tala loan app

Another popular android loan app in Kenya is Tala. With over 5 million downloads on the Google play store, it is a very popular money lending app. This is because you can quickly apply for instant loans to your m-pesa.

How much can you qualify for on Tala? This mobile lending by Tala mobile offers a maximum of 30,000 KSH which you can borrow through the app. The minimum amount you can get from the app is 500 KSH.

Interest rate on Tala mobile app ranges between 5-15%. For a 60 day loan, the interest rate fee ranges between 10-25%, if you are applying for a 90 day loan the repayment terms are 13-33%.

When it comes to repaying your loan after you applying and qualifying, tala gives you a 60 day option or 90 days to payback the borrowed money.

To learn more about the tala loan android app, check out this detailed review.


3. Timiza app

timiza banking mpesa loan app

To wrap up the top 3 android apps in Kenya that give mobile loans is Timiza by absa (formerly Barclays bank). This app has over 1 million downloads on the Google playstore making it a very popular with loan borrowers on their android phone. It however stands out from other android mobile loan lenders in that it also doubles up as a banking app. Yes, you can deposit money, withdraw cash, pay for utilities like electricity directly from the app among many other features.

Using the ABSA timiza app, you can qualify for a maximum loan of up to Ksh 100,000 and a minimum of as little as Ksh 50.

The interest rate on Timiza loan is one of the lowest amongst the android apps that offer loans in Kenya. It offers a 6.08% on money borrowed on the timiza platform. This is a one-time interest charge of 1.083% and a facilitation fee of 5% of the amount borrowed.

Once you have utilized the cash borrowed, repayment of a Timiza loan is within 30 days.


The growth of loan apps for androids in Kenya

Mobile phones, especially smartphones have become very popular in Kenya. We use them to call friends, browse the internet take and share photos. As the demand for phones has grown, we have seen the increase of android phones in the Kenyan market.

These phones come in different shapes, sizes and brands. From Samsung, LG and Sony to more affordable brands like Tecno, Oppo and Vivo. Because of this variety of both expensive and affordable phones, android as a platform has become very popular in Kenya.

In addition to that, android phones come with many apps that users can quickly install on their phones. Among these apps, you will get some that help you easily borrow a mobile loan directly from your phone. No need to physically visit a bank or fill in an application form. Easily borrow money on your android phone and have it sent directly to your mpesa account.

Other popular mobile loan apps in Kenya that run on android

In addition to the top 3 android loan apps in Kenya; branch, Tala and Timiza here are more money lending platforms that you can easily apply for a cash loan in Kenya.

Note: We have considered apps that are popular in Kenya and have good reviews from users. All money lending apps in this list have at least half a million downloads on the Google playstore and rating of not less than 3.8 out of 5 i.e. a user rating of 76% and above.

Here are the best loan apps for your android phone in Kenya.

Okash loan app

okash loan app

Qualify for a mobile m-pesa loan of up to Ksh 70,000 and a minimum of Ksh 1,500 on the Okash loan app. This android app is developed by Onespot technology investment limited and allows users to quickly download and install it on their phone from the google playstore. Once a user registers and opens an account on Okash, what’s left is to open the application and follow simple and easy steps to apply for a cash loan.

Opesa app

This is one of the newer android loan apps in Kenya that lend users money and deposit the money directly to their mpesa account. Opesa app offers Kenyans cash loans starting from a minimum of Ksh 1500 and maximum of Ksh 50000. To access this amount of money from the opesa app, you will first need to register an account on the app after downloading and installing it from google playstore. Using opesa to apply for a cash loan is straight forward and easy.

To download the Opesa app click here.

Zenka loan app

Launched in early 2019, the android loan app Zenka has become very popular in the Kenyan market. In just over one year, it has been downloaded by over 1 million Kenyans on the google playstore. But it’s not hard to understand why, it is easy to use and offers amazing terms and conditions when you apply for your 1st loan. 0% interest on your 1st loan, yes, you read that right.

Instant loans you can apply for start from Ksh 500 minimum and a maximum of Ksh 30,000. All you have to do is download and install the app in your android smartphone and proceed to register for an account. On Zenka, it’s as simple as that. Next, proceed to apply for quick mpesa loan on Zenka.

iPesa loan app

This is also a new comer in the Kenyan mobile loans lending space. Ipesa android loan app lends users money ranging from 500 Ksh to a maximum of 50000 Ksh. The company that develops and maintains the app is Xcredit. To apply and qualify for a loan, download and install the app on your android phone from the google playstore. Once this is done, register as a user on the app and proceed to login in and apply for a cash loan.

To get started with iPesa loan app, check out this complete guide on how to install, register and apply for a loan.

Saida loan app

Saida is another popular cash lending app in Kenya to get instant and easy loans sent directly to your android mobile phone. Once you apply and qualify for your loan, it is usually sent directly to your mpesa account within minutes. Offering loans from as little as Ksh 600 to a maximum of Ksh 25,000 to Kenyan users who download and install the app from the android play store. 

To get started with the Saida loan app, check out this complete guide on how to download, install and apply for an mpesa loan

Okolea loan app

okolea loan app

Okolea is another android app that you can use to apply and qualify for an mpesa loan online through your mobile phone. The app is developed by a company called okolea-international which is a leading tech company based in Kenya in the area of finance money transfer and e-payments. In addition to this, okolea has been downloaded of 500,000 times from the android play store.

So many downloads of the app, why could this be? This could be because of the low interest rates that are charged on the Okolea app that range between 5% and 15% per month. Also, the android loan app offers Kenyans loans starting from Ksh 500.

To get started with okolea, click here to download the app

Stawika loan app

Stawika allows you to get a loan on your android phone in Kenya and the money is sent directly to your mpesa account. This app has been downloaded on android phones over 500,000 times. Loan amounts range from a minimum of 200 ksh to a maximum of 20000 Ksh. For you to qualify for this money, you need to download and install the app on your phone. Once this is done, proceed to register yourself on the app and finally apply for the loan.

The app is developed and maintained by stawika capital limited. This company specializes in mobile money lending services where they offer loans in Kenya without security.

To get started with stawika, click here to download the app.


For a complete list of other loan apps in Kenya, check out list of mobile lending apps in Kenya 2020.

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