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The Good Not So good
Large screen perfect for work and entertainment Doesn’t come with windows installed. Comes with DOS
Has a dedicated 2GB Radeon graphics card. Allows for gaming
Capable of almost all computing tasks. Word processing, web browsing, blogging, watching movies. Playing high end games.
Handles Heavy applications such as photoshop, archicad and autocad well.
Lot’s of RAM, 8GB

Recommended for:


The HP 15- bs194nia is an all rounded multi-purpose laptop. It handles all tasks without breaking a sweat, from office work and applications, to video editing, sound production like DJ and graphic design even heavy gaming at medium to high resolutions. This laptop is suited for the university student who wants to make a one off investment in a machine that will serve them throughout the 4-6 years. Also are you planning to start a career as a creative or in entertainment, this machine will give you the much needed processing power, RAM and performance as you start.


The Lenovo HP 15- bs194nia we review and recommend costs around 46,999.00 KES. Currently it is also discounted at 8,001.00 KES which is lovely deal. Below find the reasons why you should consider this Lenovo laptop you can buy right now in Kenya without breaking the bank.

Please note that this laptop is available online and can be purchased and delivered directly to you via jumia.

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Buy Laptops in Kenya without breaking the bank specs breakdown | HP 15- bs194nia:

Has a powerful processor:

It comes with an Intel Core i5 Intel® 8th Gen processor. What the processor determines is the limit of how fast anything can occur in the system i.e. how fast your computer responds.  It instructs every other component on your machine how to do its job. With this processor, the laptop can easily handle processor intensive activities such as video editing, graphic design and heavy web design won’t make the processor break a sweat but it will accomplish them either way. Gaming can also be handled by this laptop machine.

Operating System:

You will not get Microsoft windows 10 installed on this computer. This means you will need to purchase an original Microsoft Windows 10 and a license. You can purchase one by following this link to buy Microsoft Windows 10. In case you need assistance with this, you can contact our support and we would gladly assist you in installing and configuring your laptop. Use the following number 0774 777206

Fun Fact: Computers onboard Apollo 11 in 1969 were less powerful than a cell phone.

Fast and large storage:

The Lenovo HP 15- bs194nia comes with a 1TB drive as the hard disk and storage and this hard disk has a 5400 RPM. With this semi-fast and large storage, you can store a large amount of files such us documents, pictures, movies and music.

Large amount of RAM:

This laptop which can be easily purchased in Kenya via Jumia , comes with 8 GB of RAM installed. What RAM allows you to do on your machine is to run multiple programs on your laptop at the same time. The more RAM you have, the more software and programs you can run concurrently on your machine. Hence having more RAM will serve you better. With the 8GB of RAM the HP 15- bs194nia comes with allows for large amount multitasking. Easily run more than 10 applications at the same time smoothly.

Graphics Card:

HP 15- bs194nia has a dedicated graphics card. A dedicated graphics card allows you to handle anything that is graphic intensive with ease for example watching HD movies or working with design applications such as photoshop, autocad and archicad.

List of 5 affordable laptops with dedicated Graphics Card available in Kenya.

Comfortable Keyboard and touchpad:

The laptop comes with a keyboard that travels well and is of solid build quality. The touchpad on this computer tracks smoothly and is very accurate at the same time supporting multi-touch gestures. When it comes to Keyboard and touchpad on your laptop, you need them to make working on your laptop a breeze meaning easy typing of documents and selecting of items is simple and accurate.

Ports and connections | USB HDMI VGA SD WI-FI LAN:

This HP 15- bs194nia computer has 1 HDMI, 1 USB 2.0, 2 USB 3.1 ports, LAN port, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. All this ports make this computer perfect for running presentations at a meeting or just extending your laptop screen to your T.V at home. Also there are plenty of options to connect your flash disks and external hard disks with ease including SD cards from your Camera and Phones.

Note: Lacks VGA but you can grab yourself a VGA adapter. Check out our list of essential adapters for your laptop available in Kenya, Nairobi.

Just right large 15.6″ screen:

This HP laptop has a 15.6 inch screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768 that fits on a very thin Bezel. It is capable of HD resolutions meaning that you get a crisp and clear video and image quality.

Large Battery:

The battery capacity of 41 Wh. With this battery you can work with the laptop for up-to 4.5 hours when it’s not charging or connected to power.


It comes with a webcam. This makes it possible for you to use video features such as video chat and video conferencing offers by applications such as Skype and zoom.

Security features:

Has no extra security features for example


This laptop is best for multi-purpose use and is the perfect buy for a first time laptop buyer. It is sleek, compact powerful and easy to carry.

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